For the first 4-weeks, all you need is a yoga mat only, especially if you are a beginner or have had occasional workouts here and there- we’ll be starting off with mastering the fundamentals of body weight strength training.

Yes, it is more than sufficient. However, for the best experience- having a device with a larger screen would add more value to your learning throughout your sessions.

Last minute cancellations are not encouraged, however if it’s unavoidable we shall provide you a pre-recorded version of the respective session. If notified at least 24-hours before your

supposed session, a rescheduling would be effective upon arrangement of your next availability.

Your nutrition plan is personalised based on your individual questionnaire, hence changes are made at every week based on preference & progress. Rest assured, practicality & sustainability are Our core values !

As much as we would like to provide a refund, the work behind planning, personalising & pre-allocation of slots is meticulous as it is – hence a non-refundable policy is practised. However, your sessions are transferable to a named individual upon arrangements with Our management & is subjected to terms and conditions.

As Our programs are inclusive with the nutrition component for best progress, so is the rates. However, you may opt out if you’d prefer to keep to your own diet whilst training via Our methods.

As every client’s plan is designed specifically for the individual with varying preferences, you will be able to progress based on your tailored plans doubtlessly !

Your allergies, restrictions and concerns are given highest priority, where you’ll be filling these vital details in your pre-program questionnaire to ensure every aspect of your nutrition design is given utmost regard.

If this amongst other vital details are disclosed ahead of time, your sessions would be tailored carefully to suit your stamina, endurance and capacity with adequate rest and recovery. A note of advise, would be to avoid smoking at least 90-minutes before your live training session, to ensure you perform at your best.

The whole idea is to keep restrictions away and instead build a healthy relationship with the foods you are fond of. This would be mastered throughout your program gradually along your learning curve of sustainable & flexible dieting, setting you up for a permanent transformation both inside out !

Limited time. Get fit in 2024 with us.