About Me

Who is CP?

Greetings! I’m Coach Prabu, and I stand before you not just as a fitness coach but as someone who has walked the challenging path of transformation. My story begins in the shadows of self-doubt, where being heavy and labeled as such dominated my youth.

In those early years, I wasn’t the one initiating conversations or seen as an inspiration. Nicknamed with words that stung, I faced mockery not just in social settings but even in matters as crucial as education and career choices. The whispers of doubt and ridicule were a constant companion.

Realizing that change was necessary, I found myself stuck between corporate jobs and a social circle that only exacerbated my struggle. It took a pivotal moment for me to decide that things had to change, leading me to the doorstep of a fitness trainer. Little did I know that this seemingly desperate move would throw me into a whirlwind of unsustainable practices—endless cardio, overrated weight training, and a draconian diet.

Predictably, this approach was not sustainable, and I found myself falling off the fitness wagon almost as soon as I started. This setback became the catalyst for a decision that would alter the course of my life. Armed with a newfound determination, I pursued education in fitness and nutrition, enrolling in the esteemed National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

After graduating as a Fitness Nutrition Specialist (FNS) & Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), I embarked on my own fitness journey. Through a blend of flexible diets and logical training, I shed a staggering 42 kilograms in just seven months. The transformation not only went viral on social media but also fueled my passion to help others achieve similar success.

Fast forward eight years, and I’ve coached over 2000 clients, both face-to-face in Ipoh and online across Asia. My journey culminated in the 2018 WFF Grandprix Body Transformation Championship, where I emerged as the Champion.

Now, firmly rooted in my purpose, I am here to offer not just fitness services but a wealth of knowledge and wisdom accumulated over the years. My mission is to guide you through your weight management journey and transform your life. Know that I care about your success as much as I care about my own. Together, let’s create a vision for your greatness and turn it into reality.

Welcome to a transformative journey that starts with a vision—the vision of a healthier, stronger, and more empowered you.

Limited time. Get fit in 2024 with us.